2016 Designer Resolutions

Posted by Alex Vela in blog | January 6, 2016

Network With Other Designers

Making a point to get out of the office and network with other designers can be a difficult task but with organizations with like Creative Mornings and AIGA events, networking can be something to look forward to.

Find Creativity Away From the Computer

Stepping away from your desk, getting outside and experiencing the design around you is a great way to refresh and feel inspired. Billboards, magazines, street art, restaurant menus – whatever you see around you had thought put into it, use it to get creative.

Find New Sources of Inspiration

Googling for inspiration can only get you so far. Subscriptions to magazines such as Communication Arts brings inspiration to your front door. Even go beyond visual inspiration with music or books, both are sure to spark your creativity.

Follow Online Tutorials – Expand Your Skillset

Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials can be fun and can teach you a few things you didn’t know before but following tutorials in new software or media can expand you skillset and broaden your portfolio.

Try Working With Traditional Mediums

Taking a stab at drawing, painting, or even sculpture could lead you to discover talents you didn’t know you had or even enjoyed.

Follow More Design Blogs and Social Media

I like to follow Instagram accounts that  post great work that inspires me to go above and beyond. There are plenty of handwritten lettering accounts that are sure to make you itch to try yourself. Blogs are also another great source for current happening in design as well as tutorials and recommendations.

Start Your Own Trends

It’s great to know the latest trends in design but if you follow them closely, you’ll get lost in an endless feed of Wisdom Script. Know the trends but following them at your own discretion.

Push Your Boundaries

An artist’s work is never finished. Whenever I complete a project, I’ll more than likely come back to it thinking of ways I could’ve pushed it further. Taking a moment after each project to ask what more can be done will leave me more satisfied with the finished product.

Revisit Old Sketches

The sketchbook, a designer’s journal of unfinished thoughts. I have plenty of sketches of abandoned ideas that never made it off of the page. Taking the time to revisit those sketches could result in some great designs.

Do More Passion Projects

Hopefully your work is your passion but you also need projects that are purely for you.