Rebranding Apex: Reflecting and Promoting Growth

Posted by Donna Gray in Recent Work | January 7, 2016

Apex Benefits Group, a strategic benefits, human resources and consulting organization based out of Indianapolis, has had a sound relationship with Matchbook since 2012 to meet their content, positioning and branding needs.

Previously, Matchbook had worked to update their logo and website, as well as to promote their brand and business as a quality partner for local and statewide clients. Recently, however, the company’s leadership recognized their continued growth in size and talent as an organization, and approached us with the desire to rebrand to reflect and promote this new positioning.

Through collaboration and brand discovery processes, Matchbook and Apex worked together to discover Apex’s long-term goals and emerging values as a premiere company with top area talent, whose services were proven to be exceptional, along with their expansion in size, to realize a more global reach. With this growth and evolution in mind, it was Matchbook’s task to develop messaging and creative in-line with the leadership’s vision.

The opportunity to redefine Apex’s brand for the future was not lost on our creative and digital teams as they collaborated to create a new face for the company. From a new logo and color palette, to updated copy and messaging along with an updated website, we strived to craft a presence that elevated their brand perception to match their size and quality.

Through the launch of Apex’s new brand and website, we believe we have helped to craft a brand that signifies scope and success, and facilitates impressions and communication with current and potential business partners. Completing a rebrand allows us as an agency to exhibit our full creative capabilities, and we are grateful for Apex’s confidence, which allowed us to form this new brand and positioning to help promote impressions now and further growth into the future.