5 Design Trends We Can’t Stomach Any Longer

Posted by Stark in blog | June 3, 2015

Design trends are like the meals and kitchen smells from your workplace. They can be fresh, homemade pesto and chicken or old, smelly tuna. Unfortunately, many stay longer than they should, until utilizing them is the design equivalent of heating up a meal past its expiration date.

There are some design trends that we think are here to stay, but we also see many trends that we are tired of encountering. Listed below are five of the trends that we just can’t stomach any longer.

The Wisdom (sub)Script(ion)

Wisdom: /wizdem/ noun

The quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise.

This font definitely has experience. Though Wisdom Script is a beautiful font, it is now being used as a focal point for many start-up business logos. Your brand should look individualistic. A decorative font that is oversaturated in a market can cause your brand to meld with others and lose that individuality.

Though sweet in moderation, you can’t eat dessert for every meal!

The “I Have Awesome Handwriting” Fonts

Handwritten fonts have become a big trend through the years. They are used very effectively in design work for certain brands, but using any old handwritten font can become overwhelming for designs. The key to a professional brand is often in its simplicity, and handwritten fonts can be ornate in their design to a degree that distracts from the messaging.

Don’t buy your sushi at a gas station!

Oh-no Pacity

Using transparent objects overlaid together can create striking visuals that attract consumers’ attention. When designing with opacities, use this element to further connect your brand instead of layering abstract objects without keeping your brand’s objective in mind.

A brand’s look is meant to connect the consumer’s mind with what you are selling. This ultimately creates the most effective variety of visual marketing.

Make your meal with the right ingredients.

I Liked Vintage After it Was Cool

The vintage badge can be found far and wide. “X’s”, arrows and “that worn look” are dominating the logo buffet line. Timeless vs. dated is important to think about when designing for a brand that this look can work with. This subject is close to my heart, since I obsess about pre-1960 musical instruments and art.

You can have too much of your favorite food.

Abstract Green People (From Outer Space!)

You’ll have to follow me on this one. You know those abstract green graphics? The ones that flow around a circle or connect into a leaf? These are the work of the metaphorical mad burger chefs, cooking out patty after patty ready for consumption. Stock photo websites are littered with them. Try to think outside the box when you feel yourself leaning towards this look.

Ready-made vs. Homemade. Is it even a contest?


That may have sounded pretty negative, but it is important to remember that the design world is all about making a creative, strong design that is effective for yourself and your client. Being aware of overused trends can allow a designer to think critically and find a new trend of their own. Learn to break all the rules in all the right ways. So the next time you are trying something new in your designs, you can know that maybe your steak wouldn’t go well with your Sour Patch Kids. By knowing what not to include, you can try adding a new ingredient or two that might just bring your design flavor all together.