A Great Committee to Serve

Posted by matchbook in People | March 4, 2015

Many parents spend their weekends schlepping their kids back and forth from one engagement to another; if it’s not the all-famous soccer practice, it’s probably piano lessons or a doctor’s appointment. For Tyler, it’s more like picking up Bruno from a play date with his best friend Moo, or organizing an upcoming initiative for the rescue they are a part of.

You might be wondering what kind of kid has the name Bruno these days, and why would you call someone Moo? Let’s go back a few steps and talk about that rescue: Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue. Now do you get it? Bruno + Moo = Great Danes.

Tyler spends endless hours of his time off work and weekends as a volunteer for the Indiana, Illinois, St. Louis, and Wisconsin-serving nonprofit organization. Through conservation, preservation, and education, Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue raises awareness while matching deserving dogs with productive, permanent families.

Able to utilize his strengths here at Matchbook Creative, Tyler serves on a steering committee for the rescue where he helps with volunteer recruitment, marketing execution, and event activations. The best part – his “little” Bruno is with him every step of the way to help his canine companions find loving, forever homes.

Partnering what he does for a living (writing, marketing, and strategy) with what he lives for (his goofball Great Dane), Tyler is able to not only help improve the lives of lucky foster and adopting families, but also the welfare of dogs needing another chance at love.