A musical workplace is a good workplace

Posted by John Cavanaugh in blog | January 14, 2016

As anyone with an insight into the day-to-day operations at Matchbook Creative can tell you, our working environment is pretty thoroughly infused with music. When individually working on projects, having Spotify, Soundcloud or YouTube open and streaming music is ordinary. Sharing and recommending songs is an everyday occurrence, and it’s actually difficult to imagine life at Matchbook without our ever-present musical twinge.

Some card-carrying members of the no-fun-at-work club might take a stand against having so much music in the workplace. People who aren’t used to having so much music in a professional environment might think that it’s distracting, impractical, and takes time away from accomplishing work. With the way that Matchbook works, however, they couldn’t be more wrong. So, why does keeping music around help us put out the best work that we can?

Music Brings Us Together

With so much casual discussion of music happening regularly in the office, I don’t think that there’s a single person in the company whose musical tastes I don’t have a decent idea of. When someone finds a song that seems right up a specific coworker’s alley, they send it and the recipient gives it a listen at their leisure. Even when I haven’t liked the song as much as the sender might hope I would, the effort is always appreciated; it shows that they care.

Bonding with coworkers over music can bring us together in a way that small talk can’t. At Matchbook, music fosters a better sense of closeness and trust, and it has established itself as an important part of a tight-knit culture.

A Happy Worker is A Productive Worker

On the surface, the argument that the larger amount of music being listened to, the more lost productivity, seems like it has some logical basis. After all, it is something that is being focused on aside from work. Based on my experiences at Matchbook so far though, I have to disagree on this point.

A silent office can pretty easily be a boring office. We’re creatives, we crave stimulation. Without something going on to help occupy our minds throughout the day, it can be easy to actually lose focus. Music keeps us occupied and lets us stay focused on our work, actually increasing productivity.

Good Work is Built on Passion

Any good creative work is there because the creator had passion for what they were doing. Music is no different. Whether it’s folk, rock, electronic or pop, we can hear the passion of those artists in every song we play. Listening to that passion and creativity throughout the day, we can take that as inspiration to create better work ourselves. It’s impossible to put out mindless, boring work if we’re so surrounded by the inspiration and passion of the artists we love.

So why keep music around in the workplace? We can connect with each other and with our creative sides alike. When something you love helps you create your best work possible, why wouldn’t you include it in your workplace culture?