This is us.

We’re a team of strategists, creatives, mentors and collaborators, partnering with organizations and companies dedicated to impactful change. We’re comprised of individuals who are each passionate about the work we do, the challenges we face, and the causes we promote.

With a wide-ranging portfolio of partners, services and talented personnel, we’re ready to put our passion to work for you. See what we’ve won, who we’ve worked with, and the categories of service we can provide for you.


Our services


Our Strategy & Planning department acts as a unified vision pursuing your success. We take a comprehensive approach to build a strategy for now and for the future, all built on an ingrained strategic mindset.

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Our communications of your brand, whether interactive, visual or voice-based and beyond, all aim at one central goal: displaying your truest values. With an individualized approach, we translate your essence into branding that will connect with your audiences.

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Communicating your brand and message to current and prospective audiences needs an extra touch to stand out. Our creative, built on a foundation of strategic thought and brought to life by a talented team, translates creative ideas into impactful executions.

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An area of constant change, disruption and innovation, bringing your brand alive in the digital space requires a team that knows the latest trends in online and mobile and has a passion for the extra touches to stand apart, promote attention and deliver a positive experience. Matchbook has that team.

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Public relations

As a purpose-driven organization, your communications aren’t just there to speak into the world and hope to be heard. They exist to spark a meaningful dialogue and spur your message onward to relevant audiences. No matter the audience, we find a way to affect a meaningful impact.

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Based on a collaborative dialogue with you, our advertising campaigns are the synthesis of every aspect of creative and content, all working in unison under the direction of a powerful and well-thought-out strategy. In every campaign, we distill the essence of your brand into an entirely original and engaging new message.

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With over 50 awards for our creative and strategic work, Matchbook has also been honored as a Best of Show recipient and recognized for its internship program. Even our office design received some awards!

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