Each campaign showcases your best, and our best

When seeking to attract and retain customers in newly targeted or previously existing target demographics, advertising represents nearly every element of branding and communications efforts. A successful advertising campaign is the synthesis of every aspect of creative and content, all working in unison under the direction of a powerful and well thought-out strategy. Its unique combination of elements advancing beyond corporate messaging or branded materials, all in service of the kind of work that can move the impassive to action and remain in the memories of viewers.

We understand how difficult it can be to create successful advertising campaigns, but that same difficulty, and the reward of that same level of satisfaction is the draw that pulls us back. When met with a challenge, our talented staff works hard and attempts every day to improve and form a mastery of their areas of expertise, all combining to create exceptional work for clients. Day after day, campaign after campaign, Matchbook brings its best to represent our clients and ourselves, and achieve lasting results.

Combining brand & strategy

With each disparate aspect of branding coming together to create a successful, memorable campaign, advertising’s unique draw lies in its ability to distil the essence of a brand into an entirely original new message. Every part of your brand, through visual aesthetic, copy tone and voice, and unique aspects and selling point of your organization, filtered through a strategy drawn from our insights to your brand and the research conducted into the market environment.

Every solution, in each campaign we face, is filtered through one question: Is this the best we can possibly do to serve your interests? Strategy-driven, analytics-backed.

The right tactics for the right results

Even well-made advertisements can’t reach their potential without being deployed efficiently. To ensure that each campaign is run at an optimal level, we use a combination of our market research, our online listening and analytics tools and experience gained over years of running successful advertising campaigns to find the placements that will lend a maximum level of effectiveness.

We take a strong approach in the way we integrate tactics into our campaigns, realizing that the entirety of the campaign’s success often depends on who sees it, where and when. With the proper analytics, we will then have the information to evaluate the campaign’s effectiveness and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that it remains successful in the future.

Each campaign is a challenge. That’s why we do it. [And we love a good challenge.]

Recognitions for Advertising.

  • 2020 Hermes Gold Award - Social Media Video
  • 2019 Communicator Award of Distinction - B2C Online Advertising
  • 2019 ADDYs Indianapolis Silver Award - Copywriting
  • 2019 Hermes Platinum Award - Integrated Campaign Branding
  • 2019 Hermes Platinum Award - Social Media Campaign
  • 2019 Hermes Honorable Mention - Consumer Engagement Campaign
  • 2016 Communicator Gold Award - Integrated Marketing Campaign

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