Discovering and creating your identity, one aspect at a time

We believe that your brand is your story; how the world perceives you. It’s the first point of contact between you and your audiences, and perhaps the single biggest influence on where you are now, and how far you can go. Matchbook understands that to communicate on the most effective level, a great brand moves beyond what it first appears to be on the surface; it transcends a shallow approach. A brand represents the total of what you can communicate throughout every level of your actions, visual communications, and identity.

With a passion for branding, we work, and excel, at capturing the essence of an organization. Through a custom-developed creative process, we are able to translate that essence into a combination of elements across platforms able to communicate who you are, and who you can be. We value our clients’ partnerships, and we love taking the opportunity to elevate brands to the next level.

Reimagining and retaining

Matchbook’s approach to branding relies upon an individualized perspective. Creating a new brand is not the entirety of the practice; in fact, a readjustment in positioning can completely shift an existing brand’s profile. We place an emphasis in finding the truths already communicated through your brand, and move towards positioning or expanding them to connect most with your audiences. Development and retention combine in our philosophy to create thriving and lasting brands for every client.

Unified vision, inside & out

If there’s one thing we hear from our clients again and again, it’s that we ‘get it.’

With a solid and unified strategy, backed by research, we are able to create a base of data that positioning can build upon. However, to actually integrate this positioning into brand decisions takes the skills to develop the ‘whys.’

Matchbook develops rationales based on strategy that are able to communicate favorably and ring true to all those within and outside of the organization. From getting to know your organization from a professional and personal standpoint, we learn the intrinsic and identifiable value of your business. By communicating this value in a brand that resonates with insiders, that same authenticity will resonate broadly with all those who interact with it.

Demonstrating your value

Our communications of your brand, whether interactive, visual or voice-based and beyond, all aim at one central goal: displaying your truest values. We take what already works at showing the world who you are and what you can do and add that to an expanded narrative that can show your business’s skills in the best, truest light to audiences.

Matchbook establishes a brand from the identifiable, distinct and intrinsic values of your organization. Finding and communicating these aspects based on our distinct discoveries represents our truest approach, and one that can define your story now and into the future.

Recognitions for Branding.

  • 2019 Hermes Platinum Award - Integrated Campaign Branding
  • 2018 Addys Indianapolis Silver Award - Packaging
  • 2018 Hermes Platinum Award - Brand Development
  • 2017 Communicator Award of Distinction - Brand Development

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