Strategy on a cocktail napkin.

April 29, 2020   By: Matchbook
Strategy on a cocktail napkin.
Strategy is a word everyone seems to define a little differently. Based on years of experience in marketing, branding, and work in change management, Matchbook knows what solid strategy looks like.

The most effective strategy is the one that can be communicated on a cocktail napkin. No, not a literal cocktail napkin. We know how much work and detail goes into an effective and comprehensive strategy. What we mean is that your strategy’s main goals and key takeaways should be concise and specific.

Communicate the goal, communicate the path you will take, and note the most important top-level tactics. Let’s illustrate it this way: In Indianapolis, we have the Red Line, a rapid transit bus line. To get from our office downtown to Broad Ripple on the north side, this is what our strategy would look like.

  • GOAL: Go to Broad Ripple
  • STRATEGY: Take the Red Line
  • TACTIC: Buy a pass
  • TACTIC: Wait at the bus stop
  • TACTIC: Ride the bus to the Broad Ripple stop.
For a brand, the cocktail napkin of a strategy can be just as simple. Let’s say you have an auto repair shop.

  • GOAL: Increase preventative maintenance business
  • STRATEGY: Deliver a “Never break down” message
  • TACTIC: Market the NBD advantages your shop offers
  • TACTIC: Provide NBD savings opportunity after service
  • TACTIC: Brand all materials “the NBD guys”
Strategy provides direction. A detailed strategy is necessary, but it may not be as helpful for team buy-in as a simple and clear cocktail napkin strategy.

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