Matchbook Creative’s 2018: A Year of Success, Renewal and Growth

As 2018 draws to a close, it’s time for another period of reflection. In fact, the past year came more

To Matchbook, With Thanks

DEAR MATCHBOOK, The winter holiday season is beginning, and from those who have been here since your doors first more

Brand Audit Playbook

Audit. There’s a certain stigma surrounding that word. But it’s not something to fear. In marketing terms, a brand more

Matchbook Creative Launches With Learn More Indiana

For anyone – whether students, parents, educators or adult learners – choosing the right education option can be difficult. There…read more

Matchbook’s Jenny Dexter Interviewed on Radio One about Indy Do Day

Last September, more than 23,000 volunteers jumped feet first into the local civic volunteer project Indy Do Day. Now in…read more

Examining Brand: Questions to Begin the Conversation

When defining your brand, you’re ultimately defining your identity. Your brand is your story, your first point of contact more

Capturing Insights From The Internet’s Hottest Video App

On most afternoons, several Matchbook Creative team members gather for a brief huddle. But not for a meeting or more

It’s Time For Social To Work For You

15 years ago, if your company didn’t have a website, you were seemingly doomed to fail. Now that websites more

Take Control of Your Reputation

85% of online customers use the internet to research before making a purchase, which means they’re looking at anything from…read more

Coding Bootcamps are Changing the Game – And That’s a Good Thing

It has long been reported that the technology industry is one of the fastest growing job markets today. In fact, more

What Inspires Me: Lazlo Maholy-Nagy

Creative people all at one time or another find themselves facing a daunting task without inspiration to move forward. more

Indianapolis is cool: A guide to the city’s art scene

Cool Things to Do in Indianapolis It’s happened. Indianapolis is cool. Some people have known it all along and more

Forward… March!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Happy New Year! At Matchbook Creative, we love this time of year. We reflect, more

The Importance of Branding Your Space

In today’s competitive markets companies are searching for ways to gain an edge, improve productivity and best the competition more

Can Typos Go Well?

As a copywriter and editor, my day is filled with the stress of trying to be perfect. Writing is an more

Learning New Skills (Without the Bills)

So, you never went to grad school. Maybe you never went to college at all. Or, maybe it’s been more

Numbers Don’t Lie…Unless They Do

In late 2005, Google released a free tool that can be installed on a website and tracks all the more

Matchbook’s Top Indy Food Spots

As an agency right around the center of Indianapolis, we’re always surrounded by interesting, unique, and delicious restaurants. Impact more

A musical workplace is a good workplace

As anyone with an insight into the day-to-day operations at Matchbook Creative can tell you, our working environment is more

2016 Designer Resolutions

Network With Other Designers Making a point to get out of the office and network with other designers can more

ClickBait: Good or Evil?

“17 Facts You Won’t Believe are True” “20 Signs You’re a 90s Kid” “Dermatologists Hate Her! Local mom exposes more

Is a Cluttered Desk Such a Bad Thing?

Almost every office has that one person whose desk has the power to ignite the obsessive compulsive tendencies of more

Face to Face

Recently, I’ve been going to a lot of meetings. Some are large gatherings. Some are one-on-one. There are dinner parties, more

Give Your Brain a Boost

For those of us who work in an agency, each day we have the ability to do something great. more

5 Design Trends We Can’t Stomach Any Longer

Design trends are like the meals and kitchen smells from your workplace. They can be fresh, homemade pesto and more

How to Stay Zen at Work

Here in the states, we have what we call the, “American Dream.” We believe that with hard work, dedication, more

Concept Before Creation

Developing a creative and effective piece for a designer is a whirlwind. Balancing strategy, client requirements, design, and time more

Two Spaces

So, apparently, this whole paragraph is wrong.  What I had learned throughout my childhood, growing up with computers, is more

Inspiration is a Procrastinator

How do I know I procrastinate? I’ve been waiting until the last minute to write this blog post. Waiting more

A Valentine for Indy

February is the month of love, but it’s also the month many Hoosiers begin cursing Mother Nature and wondering more

Lessons from “the guy who stands”

Does your back hurt after a regular eight or 14-hour day? Are you constantly reminding yourself to work on more

Autocorrect Fails (Your Business)

I have seen our industry come a long way in the past 20 years: the invention/implementation of the Internet more

10 Completely Useless Stock Photos

As a creative agency, we rely on stock photos to complement our designs. Searching for just the right image more