Forward… March!

Posted by Christy Gormal in blog | January 6, 2017

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Happy New Year! At Matchbook Creative, we love this time of year. We reflect, we strategize, we implement and we start marching again. It is truly an opportunity to make things, well, better. Better for our internal operations and certainly for our clients. Sure, we continually focus on procedures and improvements throughout the year, but it can be difficult to stop shooting completely in the middle of a battle to assess our shot. The end of a year is a unique period that brings us to a logical endpoint and presents us with a new beginning.

In preparation for this beginning, we always consider where we have been. 2016 has brought a variety of emotions, accomplishments and growth. This year, Matchbook Creative found a new home. It was hard to leave the comfort of our last location, but change has brought us a surge of renewed energies that were somewhat bounded in our old space on Delaware. As Matchbook’s building was purchased and everyone piled into the small 900 square ft. rental, we anxiously waited on the new space to be renovated.

Office spaces were shared, bathroom trips were not private, the OCD met the discombobulated and the space seemed to be closing in on us at times. Despite employees learning just how many times someone could clear their throat an hour, we learned to embrace one another at our best and worst. We persevered as a team because we had a common goal to be in a new space. We finally moved in to 1317 North Pennsylvania Street in June. Our new location has brought us an environment that brings life and inspiration to every project that journeys through our space.

We also extended our family this year. Each new addition has brought a different type of talent and contribution. With the Indiana Economic Development Corporations’ EDGE Tax Credit, we have the ability to support our growth for several years to come. We are also fortunate to be able to offer ongoing education and training to our employees through the SEF Training Grant. This is something that allows us to stay abreast of new developments and industry changes. We are extremely excited about partnering with the IEDC as we can impact not only the offerings and services of Matchbook, but also bring advancement and growth to the job market and Indianapolis community.

This year Matchbook, together with our partners, produced 10 award-winning projects with several additional recognitions and honorable mentions. Having won 2 ADDY’s, 2 W3 Awards, 3 Communicator Awards and 3 Hermes Awards, we know that what we are doing is on target. We were recognized multiple times by our peers throughout 2016, and our reputation has continued to grow.

At the end of the day, the biggest accomplishment for Matchbook is the success of our clients. As we reflect, we never lost focus on the end result; we maintained client success in every shape and form at the forefront of what we do. Embracing new industries and delving into new partnerships does come with a responsibility. We always put strategy at the core of every choice we make, and as time goes on our results continue to be more meaningful.

Although last year brought us much success, there is forever room for improvement. Strategy not only lives at the core of our client projects, it has to be a mindset of each any every one of our employees. Setting our employees up for success is a must. If everyone is moving forward together, then success can take care of itself. Matchbook has A LOT of activity from day-to-day. Activity that consumes resources but creates no value is not acceptable. We focus on developing efficiencies and create controls in our agency environment that will improve the service we offer to our clients. We have had major shifts in responsibilities this year. One of the main ways to create a successful workplace is by picking the right people. The right people have the ability to make smart decisions and recognize when change is needed. We never let OUR pride get in the way of EARNED pride. We learned early to surround ourselves with greatness and we certainly have one of best teams out there.

2016 taught us many lessons, brought on new focuses and created ample opportunities. So, what is next for Matchbook? We grab our ammo and go back to battle. Our team means business and we are not afraid to dive head first. Anyone can have a plan. It is the action of the plan that generates the outcome. Each year, our plan becomes smarter and we become more efficient for our clients. We will continue to embrace feedback and recognize that perfection comes with a price. We are ready for 2017 – FORWARD MARCH!