Kristin Hayes

Traffic Manager
Every agency needs a voice of efficiency and organization, and for Matchbook, Traffic Manager Kristin Hayes provides the impetus for great work completed in accordance with a timeline. With Kristin’s experience in project and account management, she provides a steady hand in organizing Matchbook to produce the best possible work for clients.

Maris Flatlay

As a Traffic Manager and Account Coordinator for an Indianapolis-based marketing and advertising agency, Kristin managed interactive and creative projects internally as well as externally in order to ensure that deadlines and creative considerations were met. Later, as a Project Manager for a packaging supply company, Kristin enacted new marketing efforts, reviewed profitability reports, handled custom print projects and more to ensure that her company was up-to-date in its efforts on a daily basis.

Kristin graduated from Ball State University, cum laude, with a Bachelor of Science Degree from Ball State University in Advertising with a minor in Marketing. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, exploring her community on dog walks, and volunteering with charitable organizations.

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