Who we are informs the work we do.

We’re Indianapolis’ purpose-driven marketing firm, with experts in strategy, design, digital, communications, and community engagement.

Our positioning

As a passionate team of cause-minded individuals, we strive to engage with projects and partners that not only challenge us creatively, but allow us to generate success while impacting meaningful change. The mission of a partner allows us to channel our enthusiasm for supporting the causes that help make the world a better place.

Matchbook's mission is to provide our expertise to partners furthering impactful change through their business model or mission, and work to ensure their continued creative and strategic success.

With partners working to create and further real, impactful change through their business model or mission, we're able to bring their objectives to life with a complete range of creative and communicative services.

Our approach

We seek to bring our values forward across all aspects of our operations, whether it’s in the organizations we connect with, the internal culture we cultivate or the collective effort with which we enact our projects.

Our work is about making a difference for our partners seeking to further their strategic goals, while generating a positive impact on the way they do business and the changes they make in the community around them.

Taking an intentional approach with the work we do, each project is created from a process that includes each expert team member we’ve assembled for the project.

From a place of belief in one another’s talents, we carry a culture of trust in one another. Always looking to create the next great idea, each team member has a passion for their area of expertise. When talent and trust come together, it results in great work that partners can believe in.

Whether it’s with partners, inside our doors, or in the community, a feeling of collective and individual giving and passion permeates everything we do.

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