Shifting Client, Adaptive Messaging

Posted by Alex Eckerle in Recent Work | December 18, 2015

Matchbook and RepuCare, a healthcare staffing and services firm based out of Indianapolis, have had a historically strong relationship creating and promoting a brand that conveys their quality, effectiveness and professionalism within their industry.

We have updated their website and branding before over the course of our long-standing relationship, in order to accurately reflect RepuCare’s status as a truly modern leader and innovator. Recently, however, the company’s expansion of services created an opportunity to proactively update their website to reflect their dual specialties in recruitment and healthcare management programs, and reach a specific audience for each.

The collaboration between our creative and web teams focused on differentiating the site from previous iterations through its visuals and design, but also on celebrating RepuCare’s growth and expansion with a fresh approach to their web content.

As a result, RepuCare’s new look still works with their existing logo, but provides an updated, sleek aesthetic. The imagery on the new website, paired with copy, also works to convey the full experience that RepuCare brings to its employees and clients, with a focus on professional career opportunities while valuing a proper work-lifestyle balance, as well as the presentation of their programs in a way that speaks to businesses and organizations.

I, as well as the rest of the team, am proud of this particular project, as it meant that we observed our client’s growth, and helped expand messaging in order to meet their progression. Our design alone has worked to set RepuCare apart in the past, but our commitment to advancing messaging will ensure they stay unique into the future.