Lessons from “the guy who stands”

Posted by Tyler Sheller in blog | February 2, 2015

Does your back hurt after a regular eight or 14-hour day? Are you constantly reminding yourself to work on your posture? Do you feel antsy and the urge to get up and move around? Sitting at your desk or workstation can be exhausting. Not only does it physically wear you out, but it can wear you down!

Sitting all day is proven to heighten your risk for Type II Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and certain types of cancer. Even with regular exercise, sitting throughout the workday does irreversible damage on your body. Human beings were designed to stand, walk, and move (we aren’t 5’10’’ on average and two-legged for nothing).

Have Improved Energy

My day goes by faster, I’m less lethargic, and my metabolism even seems better! It’s like I’ve had my morning caffeine boost even though I’m a decaf-kind-of-guy.

Get More Done

When I’m standing at my desk, I know I am more productive. I can get through my list faster, take on more projects, and focus more intently. It’s like I’m in attack mode – ready to pounce at all times.

Feel Better About Me

Exercise isn’t my forte, but when I stand all day at work, I feel like I’ve run a marathon. Not because I’m exhausted, but because my endorphins are pumping, and I feel like I’ve accomplished a great objective.

Appreciate Sitting When I do

Nothing beats a good lunch – except sitting to enjoy it! I reward myself with that little siesta for my feet everyday, and I appreciate getting to sit when I allow myself to! I also don’t feel so guilty about lounging on the couch to binge watch GOT either.

Have a New Identity

Now I’m “that guy who stands.” Might not sound like much, but I take pride in that. Not many people are in the standing workstation club, but it feels good, and it is definitely a part of who I am.

Making the transition to standing full-time at work wasn’t easy. Having been a waiter for years throughout college, I worked better on my feet, and I’d been used to running around for 10+ hours at a time for 10+ years. If you’ve been a sitter, but are ready to be a quitter, take it slowly.

Start standing for a few hours a day, and increase that amount over time. Find/create a workstation where your surfaces allow you to position your arms at a 90˚ angle with your computer monitor at a 20˚ about 20” from your face. Utilize a gel-pad floor mat or supportive shoes to reduce shock damage from your knees and ankles.

Once you start standing, you’ll have plenty of questions and even a few nay-sayers. After time however, they’ll calm down, you’ll fall into your routine, and your body will thank you. Challenge yourself, and standup for you.