Stark Steals The Show

Posted by matchbook in People | February 26, 2015

Stark – the noble family that is being sadly butchered on HBO’s Game of Thrones. Oh wait, no. Stark – Matchbook Creative’s art director. From website design and print collateral, to advertising campaigns and out of home, Stark does it all. He even manages our sound and audio. How does one man conquer it all? You could say he’s artsy-fartsy.

To put it more professionally – (Michael) Stark is a true artist. His passion for design and creative expression goes beyond the visual; he’s also a gifted musician. More than a talented guitar picking, banjo-stroking instrumentalist, Stark is a performer! Picture it: Stark, an instrument, a lone mic, and a stage.

You wouldn’t think it to look at him (not that he’s a homely looking slob or anything, but he’s no show-stopping Adam Levine – no offense Stark), but Stark has been known to pack the house a time or two.

Just be in a room with him as he picks up a guitar from the desk and starts fiddling around while he works – pure, natural talent.

True, musicality is a form of art, but it’s also an outlet. Having a way to “unwind” that is different from your fulltime career is an extremely healthy, productive trait. This stress-relieving, creativity-boosting pastime isn’t just one of Stark’s hobbies: it’s part of who he is.

We wouldn’t want Stark to go home, sit down in front of his computer, and start designing logos as soon as he gets off work. Then he wouldn’t be…Stark! We’re glad he’s out there jamming with friends, strumming the strings, and sometimes; putting on a show. Starks various creative outlets keep him balanced outside of work, and empower him to be a stronger designer in the office. Let’s have an encore for (Michael) Stark.