Updating Best Breed: An Updated Look for an Innovative Product

Posted by matchbook in Recent Work | October 6, 2017

Best Breed, a veterinarian-founded premium pet food company, came to Matchbook intending to update their web presence in order to better communicate their values and appeal to current and potential customers. As an agency filled with animal lovers and pet owners, Matchbook recognized that Best Breed, noted for their dedication to natural ingredients and holistic nutrition, could more effectively convey their brand story and their dedication to improving pet nutrition through their website.

A leading voice for high quality pet food, Best Breed needed a site that conveyed elegance, simplicity and health. Matchbook admires Best Breed’s mission, and we were excited to communicate their story through a more detailed, interactive and engaging site. We immediately began our process of creative collaboration with the owners, and gained insights that fully formed our brand understanding and allowed us to realize their vision.

The completed site, available to visit here, brings the natural formula of the product to life through large, engaging visuals that evoke the food’s source and promote the healthier lifestyle it brings to pets. By keeping focus on animals, we reinforced the connection between health and happiness for owners, reminding them of their priorities when they buy. An interconnected layout draws visitors in to learn more about the Best Breed story, and the functionality of the site allows old and new customers alike to bring the winning formula to their pets nationwide.

Best Breed’s product promotes their mission to provide better food for better pet health. With a focused and functional web presence to match, they are primed to continue growing as the choice for pet owners who only want the best.