Allegion: Communicating global initiatives for a global security leader.

As the front-facing entity representing such a wide array of brands, Allegion PLC’s programs, initiatives and decisions carry a global reach. With over 10,000 employees, 20 acquisition and 700 patents, they are capable of immense disruption within the industry, being rated as number one in profit across their industry peers. From communicating corporate values and mission priorities, to providing comprehensive business and financial data, finding the right partner to ensure that their communications were done strategically had proven to be a challenge.

Upon partnering with Matchbook in 2016, Allegion’s consistent satisfaction with our work as an agency has led to increased trust and responsibilities. Over the course of our relationship, the size and scope of these projects have expanded to include annual reports, branded playbooks for mergers and acquisitions, global identity and branding videos, and a new five year logo.


Allegion is a Dublin-based company with worldwide reach and operations, dedicated to keeping consumers and clients safe. With over 30 brands operating across 130 countries, millions upon millions have come into contact with their products and mission. Their expertise in mechanical security for residential and commercial clients, paired with their digital, mobile and electronic security solutions, make them a towering figure and leader within their industry while providing security and peace of mind for consumers around the globe.


Since the beginning of our partnership with Allegion, Matchbook has continually evolved through a collaborative partnership allowing us to provide Allegion with the right materials to display and promote their brand. When the time came for Allegion to create their annual report and year-end corporate messaging video, they chose to entrust the team at Matchbook with the responsibility.

For their annual report, Allegion needed a partner capable of organizing massive amounts of information and formatting it in a broadly accessible manner able to be understood by regulators and shareholders alike. During an intensive project cycle, our team worked closely with Allegion’s corporate and legal stakeholders to ensure that no relevant information was left out and that the formatting could be easily navigated and understood by an international audience.

Beyond the creation of this annual report, we worked with the team at Allegion to create a global messaging and vision video that highlighted the accomplishments of the company during the previous fiscal year and promoted their interest moving forward. We worked with our animation team to create a message-driven video, remaining receptive to edits from the Allegion team to ensure that they were completely happy with the end product. The video has received multiple awards, including Videographer Award recognition.
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Allegion proceeded to distribute their annual report and messaging video, providing shareholders and stakeholders with a comprehensive range of information about their strong year and vision for the future. Ultimately, Allegion was so impressed with Matchbook’s end product that they’ve continued to expand their relationship with us. Since completion of these two projects, Matchbook has worked on multiple new annual reports as well as animation of other global branding videos. Providing Allegion with a valuable partnership trusted to deliver global communications has allowed them to continue clearly defining their current successes and path forward to the future with audiences around the world.

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