the art of discovering you.

introducing ambre blends


Ambre Blends is an independent beauty and fragrance producer that has been developing high-quality, organic body products since 2001. Handmade, all natural, and all organic, Ambre Blends has developed an un-replicated fragrance worn all around the world. Their line of over 75 products in their four signature essences have been featured in publications such as Organic Spa and Cosmopolitan and worn by celebrities, such as Victoria Beckham.


Partnering with Ambre Blends in 2014, Matchbook Creative was tasked with re-vitalizing an already well-known, successful national consumer brand. Since their inception, Ambre saw continual success marketing their unique oil-based fragrances and constantly evolving body product line. Balancing Ambre Blends as a best-kept scent secret by loyal customers and a growing, established entity appearing in stores around the world, called for Ambre to seek a refreshed image and new messaging.


Through Matchbooks’ brand discovery exercise, we further explored the current Ambre Blends brand and its longevity. Ambre had grown to be sought-after, needing a high-end identity to match its demand. Knowing this evolution, we addressed Ambre Blends wearers, and the product experience and brand relationship each wearer has. Through this process, we ultimately discovered why Ambre Blends was different- what intrinsically connected consumers to Ambre.

Discovery. From beginning to end, the essence of discovery weaves through the Ambre Blends brand relationship. From catching the scent on a passerby, to finding which essence you prefer, to discovering the one-of-a-kind fragrance you’ll emit with its products, Ambre Blends contributes to self-discovery in a variety of ways. Heightening Ambre Blends products’ ability to create an individual scent unique to each user, we developed imagery and messaging that focused on the product experience, and tied back to the allure of what each wearer will uncover.

ambre blends can be found worldwide, and in

over 350 locations in the united states.