Bell Flower Clinic: Bringing health testing education to the forefront through a digital refresh.

The Bell Flower Clinic provides affordable testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and support for those who have been diagnosed with an STD. The clinic boasts a multitude of services besides testing, including education, referrals, exams, and disease intervention. Located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, the clinic serves patients as part of the Eskenazi Hospital system.


Bell Flower Clinic turned to Matchbook seeking a website refresh. The website had not been updated in 10 years, and the clinic desired more inclusive and consistent language throughout the site, in addition to a creative update that better represented the populations in their community. They also sought to have more educational content about STDs and STIs to improve awareness and knowledge.


A key goal for this project was to normalize the conversation about STDs in today's culture. One way to accomplish this was to ensure terminology on the site was consistent throughout, allowing patients to begin to feel more comfortable with using appropriate terminology. Matchbook also quickly identified that the original website had a sterile/medical feel, and needed to exhibit more inclusive, diverse representation in the visuals and language. Our web team got to work adapting the site to be mobile-friendly, which would improve the user experience and improve the SEO. The website needed to be structured to be easily updated because STD/STI studies are constantly being updated. Our solution was to connect points of the site to the Center for Disease Control’s website so the most up to date information was readily available and didn’t need to be manually updated by a clinic staff member.

Our strategy team was activated by researching effective public health websites, refreshing copy and combing through interaction points across the site to determine if directions were clear, if patients would understand how to access information and if patients clearly know their options. One key finding from research was that patients would benefit from seeing headshots of clinic staff, which studies showed improved comfortability prior to their appointment.

Creative development began with concepting around a youthful, diverse demographic, the key patient population for the clinic. Defining the clinic’s brand was very important, as it would inform and influence the experience as a patient navigated the site. A professional, approachable and clean aesthetic was selected, which appealed to all patient and provider demographics who use the website.
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Including “FAQ”, “STD Basics”, “Your Visit” and “Resources” sections provided opportunities for the patient to conduct a self-guided education and prepare questions for their visit to the clinic, which has greatly helped providers during clinic appointments. By empowering patients to gain information on their own, it has also eased patient concerns about getting tested. Clinic staff also noted the improved comfortability with a website that is easier to update and manage, and they are already discussing expanding content development plans to continue expanding education.

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