Greenfield: Modernizing civic brand & web presence.

As the communities surrounding Marion County continue to grow, both on their own and in line with the growth of the City of Indianapolis, the City of Greenfield was looking to boost their profile and enter a new and accelerated period of growth. With Matchbook’s partnership, they have been able to establish a bold new brand and a web presence to attract new residents while appealing to current ones.


As a city of over 20,000 residents with a charming and vibrant sense of community, Greenfield represents a fantastic place to call home for a variety of residents. Their robust local attractions and offerings, paired with an easy commute from downtown Indianapolis, makes the city ideal for those looking to integrate into a smaller community with all of the amenities accessible to big city residents. Between commuting students, recent college graduates starting out their careers, or those with families looking to live in a welcoming and close-knit setting, Greenfield is a new voice in Central Indiana representing growth at the same time as an authentic sense of home.


When Matchbook began working with the City of Greenfield, we first underwent a period of intense research in order to better understand the character, challenges and objectives of the community. First, we conducted thorough secondary research on the community character, web presence and amenities of communities throughout Indiana. We paid special attention to communities surrounding Marion County. After gathering rich primary research data based on intensive and wide-ranging resident interviews, we were able to create in-depth profiles on each audience and competitor community in the region. At the conclusion of our research, we crafted a strategy document in which we honed in on our target audiences and developed messaging themes that were most likely to resonate with them while still communicating Greenfield’s objectives.

After our research phase, we then began working on logo designs to bring Greenfield’s messaging and themes to light in a modern visual manner that would point the city forward culturally while retaining local roots. Our final logo was based on a gradient and naturalistic color palette that highlighted a local landmark; in tandem, communicating a sense of upward trajectory and growth.

The logo transcended into various brand materials, extending the brand into the city and into the hands of our audiences. A center-point to the initiative, would be the digital community hub; a website promoting opportunity and offerings in Greenfield.

When working on the creation of their community web presence, we translated our research into an in-depth web strategy document with objectives and outcomes for the end product. We then embarked on an phase of collaboration with civic leadership to ensure that we were delivering a product that the community would be happy with. We emphasized a simplistic but dynamic design that would keep the eye in motion from one aspect of the site to another, and we emphasized the area’s commute-friendly location, livability, and robust schedule of local events in our content while adhering to the tone set out in our strategy. Our content was engineered to work with search operability to enhance organic search opportunities, standing out to locals and potential visitors alike.

We prominently displayed the aspects of the community that resonated most with our audiences with customized page layouts and design functions. Pages focused on the different features in the city pronounced attractions, education and involvement in Greenfield. Overall, the more updated design portrayed Greenfield in new light, and serves as an introduction to Greenfield’s next phase.
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With their new logo, website, and defined messaging strategy, the City of Greenfield is able to better appeal to their target audiences and reach new prospective visitors and residents with a smooth and updated presence. As communities across Central Indiana continue to grow, Greenfield is poised to take its place as one of the fastest-growing cities in the region while maintaining a tight-knit community.

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