Digital Pathology Association: Establishing the DPA as emerging industry leaders.

Creativity, as well as passion for new growth and solutions, are some of the most key aspects of organizations that our team loves to engage with. When working with a partner that is reshaping their industry and creating real change in the world, it’s important to find the solutions that will help them fulfill their ambitions. Working with the Digital Pathology Association (DPA), we’ve helped an innovative organization widen their membership base and raise their media and industry profile through our services and tactical expertise.


The field of pathology has always been oriented toward faster and better disease diagnoses, allowing doctors to provide a higher standard of care to patients. However, the current model retains inefficiencies and old techniques that can be improved upon with new technological methods. The DPA is a membership organization that continues to value these principles while focusing on new technologies with the potential to positively impact the industry and improve patient care. Bringing practitioners, thought leaders and technology companies together to exchange knowledge and help form new best practices, the DPA is pushing a bold vision for the future of diagnostics and patient care.


Matchbook initially began our partnership with the DPA as they were seeking help in designing a new website and creating a campaign to better define their organization and broaden their membership base. As a growing group, having a keen edge to their creative and ensuring that people were made aware of the DPA’s unique membership benefits were the most important and pressing issues facing them from a branding perspective. We worked with the DPA’s leadership and stakeholders to find a design that could carry over into their website, but as we went further into our discovery phase, we found that a campaign alone wouldn’t be enough to help them stand apart.

Our new view started from a brand standpoint, with the objective of establishing the DPA as the credible, go-to source for pathologists interested in learning more about the newest technical innovations within the industry. Their logo remained the same throughout the process, but we kept their visual look and feel front-of-mind while working with them on a design for their website. In tandem with web and design-oriented efforts, we continued to provide assistance in fostering and supporting thought leaders and ambassadors within the organization who could expand the DPA’s external profile. All of our efforts would lead up to Pathology Visions.

Pathology Visions, the DPA’s annual conference, brings together thousands of attendees, thought leaders and companies from around the globe in support of digital pathology, and they needed help supporting the conference and membership efforts through social media, advertising, video production and web content. Matchbook helped the conference from a distance in our first year of partnership, but as the years have gone on we’ve expanded to in-person and on-the-ground social media coordination and event coverage. Throughout the span of our partnership with the DPA, we’ve continued to become more involved in providing supportive resources for the organization and conference.
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Over the last several years, the DPA has continued to grow in industry perception and membership. Having established a public relations framework, we’ve helped them garner more coverage from attendees, vendors and media outlets through social and traditional media to continue to fuel the conversation. The recurring #PathVisions hashtag has continued to grow in engagement and reach every year, and we’ve nurtured their social media channels, raising their numbers of followers by thousands. Our support of their web content and membership materials has helped more members get involved, and Pathology Visions continues to grow as a thought leading conference within the field of pathology. As our relationship with them has progressed, we’ve continued to become more involved and expansive in our scope of services. Matchbook has helped the DPA build a community around this topic as the future of pathology, and we’re working to continue placing them on the map as a leading voice in this new industry.

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