aiding the largest animal

shelter in indianapolis

introducing the humane society of indianapolis


The Humane Society of Indianapolis (IndyHumane) finds homes for more than 3,000 every year. As Indianapolis’s largest organization for the welfare of animals in our community, IndyHumane does more than just get pets adopted. While ensuring every animal finds a home, IndyHumane provides community education and resources to ensure all pets and potential pets are cared for.


IndyHumane believes in a cause so close to each of our hearts. We wanted to provide them the marketing tools and strategies that help our other clients, even understanding that sometimes budget isn’t always there.


Matchbook Creative revitalized and has grown the existing brand through the years of our partnership, ensuring all materials presented externally both emphasized the professionalism and care of IndyHumane, but also gave the organization a consistent, individual look. Using rich backgrounds and photos, the brand stands out wherever it is seen and has helped bring more attention to the organization.

A refreshed brand image further differentiated IndyHumane from other animal welfare organizations and groups. While many of these groups work jointly to help the major animal overpopulation and care issues in our community, it was key to let IndyHumane’s distinctive services and messages stand out. We needed to capitalize that IndyHumane is a kill-free shelter, not only offering adoption services but community education, animal training courses, medical care and relief to other animal welfare organizations. Through extending informational materials, we could share distinctive information clearly, and through the vibrancy of the new brand, we could grab the viewer’s attention. 

Continuing our relationship since their 2013 rebrand, Matchbook Creative has assisted IndyHumane in a variety of ways, namely the branding of their Animal Welfare Center, an extension of IndyHumane created to further extend care and education throughout the Indianapolis community. With its own distinctive image, Matchbook provided outreach strategies, messaging and all graphic work for the center’s materials.

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In 2014, Matchbook Creative was officially designated

IndyHumane’s agency of record

continuing to ensure their brand is upheld and helping them with any of their marketing needs.