IndyHumane: Showing adoptimism for pets and owners.


As an agency filled with animal lovers, including several adopted pet owners, our ongoing partnership with the humane society of Indianapolis, IndyHumane, is one that holds a special place in our hearts. Helping the pets at IndyHumane get a second chance at happiness and find their forever homes, as well as helping the staff by facilitating their mission, is a cause we’re proud to support. Meeting an array of branding, strategy and public relations needs including visual aesthetics, annual reports, an updated web presence and supporting messaging and materials for their annual fundraiser, Mutt Strut, we have become a total partner to this incredible organization.


IndyHumane finds homes for more than 3,000 animals every year. As Indianapolis’s largest organization for the welfare of animals in our community, IndyHumane does more than just facilitate pet adoption; they provide adoptimism for animals and owners. While ensuring every animal finds a home, IndyHumane provides the community resources and education to ensure that all pets, and potential pets, are cared for.


A refreshed brand image differentiates IndyHumane from other animal welfare organizations and groups. While many of these groups work jointly to help the major animal overpopulation and care issues in our community, it was key to let IndyHumane’s distinctive services and messages stand out. We needed to capitalize that IndyHumane is a shelter leading the way; not only offering adoption services, but community education, animal training courses, medical care and relief to other animal welfare organizations. Through extending informational materials, we could share distinctive information clearly, and through the vibrancy of the new brand, we could grab the viewer’s attention.

Several years later, in 2016, IndyHumane was again in need of a refreshed brand image and strategy. In collaborating with the organization, we learned that they desired a greater emphasis on the emotional impact of adoption living throughout all elements of the brand. Our team developed a brand update for IndyHumane featuring “adoptimism” – a branded term to communicate the hope and joy that the process brings for owners and animals alike. Continuing our relationship through multiple rebrands, Matchbook has assisted IndyHumane in a variety of ways by branding their Animal Welfare Center, providing branding and support for annual fundraiser and developing an updated web presence designed in-sync with their strategic goals. Our ongoing support in design and production of their annual reports continues to keep up a vital line of messaging on the impact of the organization.

Moving forward into 2019 and beyond, development of a yearly strategy is putting the organization in a prime position for future success founded on a stable strategic foothold.
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In 2014, Matchbook was named IndyHumane’s agency of record, continuing to ensure their brand is upheld and helping them with any of their marketing needs. By branding their Animal Welfare Center with outreach strategies, messaging and creating all graphic work for the center’s materials, this extension of IndyHumane can better extend care and education throughout the Indianapolis community with its own distinctive image.

By providing support for their annual fundraiser Matchbook has provided IndyHumane with the branding materials and collaborative partnership they need for success and increased donor relations. With their updated web presence, IndyHumane has enjoyed regular growth in reach and audience for their online platform, ultimately driving forward their mission. In their new brand and messaging, they broadcast positivity and bring hope for pets across Central Indiana.

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