ISMA: Indiana State Medical Association: Taking on the opioid epidemic in Indiana.

The Indiana State Medical Association (ISMA) is the largest physician organization in Indiana and a nonprofit member association. ISMA has worked for years to combat opioid abuse and treat opioid disorders in Indiana. The organization provide doctors with legal and educational resources about controlled substance prescribing, including opioids.

The opioid crisis is a nationwide epidemic. In Indiana it is particularly prevalent as the mortality rate from opioids has doubled every three years according to the U.S. Census and the National Center for Health Statistics. Site Strategics, in partnership with Matchbook, was eager to join forces with ISMA and help combat this epidemic in our home state.


In 2018, a state mandate was passed that required any Indiana-licensed health care practitioner who is applying for or renewing a controlled substance registration to have completed two hours of continuing medical education (CME) on opioid prescribing and abuse. The law took effect July 1, 2019, and Indiana prescribers only had until Oct. 31 to complete the requirements if they wanted to renew their Controlled Substances Registration (CSR) for the next two years. Failure to renew this registration would mean they would have limited capabilities for prescribing for the next two years, despite being able to legally practice medicine.mTo help doctors and practitioners meet this requirement, ISMA launched a free mobile app, “ISMA Online”, which gives controlled-substance prescribers easy access to opioid-related education. The objective of the app was simple – to help stop the opioid epidemic in Indiana by continuing to educate licensed health care practitioners. The app’s courses qualified for CME credits and enabled quick, easy access for busy medical professionals on the go. Upon completion of the courses, automatic credit was sent to the Indiana Public Licensing Agency to confirm the prescriber had fulfilled their requirements for this part of their CSR renewal.


In order to reach Indiana-licensed health care practitioners from all corners of the state, ISMA couldn't rely solely on one form of marketing. Due to the wide geographic demographic, the Site Strategics / Matchbook team took an integrated approach and provided ISMA with in-depth marketing strategies, paid and organic social campaigns, printed collateral, email marketing, specific landing pages and public relations tools. The campaign started with in-depth research and developing a strategy that allowed us to lay the groundwork for our creative, social and digital campaigns. We analyzed ISMA's key messaging, brand identity, audience profiles, doctor behaviors and more to target audiences.

Our team also built creative assets that effectively communicated the calls to action of app downloads and course registrations through ISMA's marketing tools. We partnered with several medical organizations, hospitals, medical practices and universities throughout the state to distribute toolkits with the ISMA Online information, including brochures, posters, email templates, folders and handouts in break rooms, doctors' lounges, offices and other places doctors frequently utilize day to day.

Our team's final element to the campaign was the creation of landing pages and email campaigns. The landing pages contributed to the awareness element of the opioid epidemic, while bringing a tangible solution to completing the required courses. Through the design of our landing pages, doctors were educated on the requirements and importance of the mandate before downloading the app and beginning their coursework. Similarly, the email campaign was designed to be sent to thousands of medical association members and relevant stakeholders with unique messaging each month and consistent calls to action for use of the app. Open rates remained high as members were led to the landing page and encouraged to download the app.
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With such a large campaign, and multiple moving parts, Matchbook was able to still produce results between the communications facet, and app downloads. Between the paid digital campaign, ISMA earned more than 11.4 million impressions and 58,111 clicks. For the organic campaign, Matchbook drafted and posted more than one hundred posts across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter during the partnership. Public relations efforts were very successful, earning more than 15 pieces of coverage across statewide outlets in a 4-month span, including a segment with Indiana’s highly respected statewide business outlet, Inside Indiana Business, local public broadcasting stations and local news outlets.

No matter what the social graphic, landing page or marketing collateral copy stated, messaging remained consistent, from branding to call to actions. With the uniform message across all marketing and PR campaigns, efforts were deemed successful. ISMA set out to make it easy for medical professionals to meet the new state mandate. Matchbook helped them achieve this by garnering 3,953 downloads of the Online App between the months of April and July. At the end of the campaign nearly 10,000 licensed health care professionals registered and utilized the opioid education courses offered by ISMA, and 7,960 completed the training.

Our team takes pride in working with purposeful partners, and our work with ISMA proves us as a full-service marketing agency. From one-off web design, to fully integrated campaigns, we’d love to help drive your business and help reach your goals. Let’s talk and generate results together.

Let’s talk, and generate results together.

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