IndyHumane: Low cost, high need: rebranding the IndyHumane Downtown Clinic.

As an agency filled with several adopted pet owners, our ongoing partnership with IndyHumane is one that holds a special place in our hearts. Our partnership with the nonprofit entails public relations, creative, strategy and web services. In Fall 2019 all departments came together to craft a rebrand for the organization’s medical clinic located in downtown Indianapolis. Formerly known as the IndyHumane Animal Welfare Center, the nonprofit decided to rebrand the clinic to the “IndyHumane Downtown Clinic”.


The IndyHumane Downtown Clinic is focused on creating a more humane and safer city through targeted, low-cost spay/neuter and vaccination efforts as well as low-cost pet care and supplies. The clinic is located in an area of Indianapolis that has been identified as one of the areas most in need of animal welfare services. Grants are used to help support medical needs of hundreds of animals through low-cost spay or neuter services, vaccinations and life-saving surgeries. The rebranding of the IndyHumane Animal Welfare Center came to fruition after IndyHumane received a grant from the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust. IndyHumane decided to utilize the grant to support spay/neuter operations and a rebranding of the clinic.


The rebrand consisted of a new uniformed identity to coincide with the larger IndyHumane brand. Through research and discovery conducted by our team, it became clear it was critical to refresh the logo to mimic the IndyHumane logo and make the connection that the clinic was under the IndyHumane brand.

Changing the name from the Animal Welfare Center to IndyHumane Downtown Clinic was vital to the success of the rebrand. Though the medical staff, volunteers, and services at the AWC were all provided by IndyHumane, research indicated the public was often not able to connect that the “Animal Welfare Center” and “IndyHumane” were related. Numerous times, clients would go to the IndyHumane main campus on Michigan Road for clinic services, only to be redirected downtown. The rebranding process addressed this disconnect, and the two are now seen as separate entities under the IndyHumane brand umbrella.

With rebranding comes new marketing materials and public awareness initiatives. Matchbook’s creative team designed billboards, postcards and informational cards to support promotional goals. The billboards were placed at targeted areas throughout downtown Indianapolis to attract attention and drive awareness of the clinic services. Nearly 18,000 postcards were mailed to residents in zip codes near the clinic location prior to the grand opening, and outdoor advertising in targeted areas of the city included 7 transit shelters, 5 medium-size billboards, and 16 large billboards.
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The grand opening event was effectively publicized by Matchbook. Targeted members of local media invited and provided tours of the clinic and exclusive interviews with IndyHumane’s CEO. The event earned 16 media hits, including stories from Inside Indiana Business, WIBC WISH-TV, garnering over 1.2 million media impressions at an ad value of $1.3 million.

Between the rebrand in October 2019 and February 2020, the IndyHumane Downtown Clinic reported an uptick in 100+ more spay/neuter surgeries per month, an 11% increase in sales of vaccine services, preventatives, microchips, and retail, and a 14% increase in the total number of vaccines administered, all compared to the previous year.

Together, IndyHumane’s two locations serve approximately 10,000 animals annually. The Michigan Road location is the only shelter in the state with a fully staffed medical team and surgery suite, allowing the nonprofit organization to care for animals that come to the shelter, as well as animals that need help from other shelters and rescue groups.

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