Milhaus: Branding Vim + Vigor (Milwaukee, WI).

As Milhaus, a real estate development company based in Indianapolis, sought to expand their portfolio with a new development in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, they turned to Matchbook in order to better brand their new property. Located on the side of the original Pabst Brewery within a historic area of the city, Milhaus wanted to integrate the area’s history into the brand and launch of a two-building residential property that would host a unique feel while speaking to targeted potential residents in a persuasive manner.


With properties currently ranging across 10 states and a portfolio that continues to grow, Milhaus is a strong presence in development within urban areas throughout the country. However, Milhaus is driven beyond generic development designed to fit anywhere; they passionately create spaces integrated into the history and energy of each individual community in which they operate. Milhaus residents can feel truly at home and connected with their city through a business that understands how important a sense of home and connection can be.


Upon beginning work on the project, Matchbook immediately dove into researching the unique history and values of the property site and surrounding community, as well as identifying target personas for potential residents before recommending options for names and visual branding elements.

While no longer in operation, the original Pabst brewing facility remains a major staple attraction within the city and an influence on the community’s culture. With a unique history so steeped in the production of beer, a property so close to this iconic landmark could definitely make use of this to connect more closely with residents. Upon viewing the residential trends of the city and surrounding areas, we determined that relatively young, up-and-coming professionals of multiple backgrounds would make up a large portion of our target. We fleshed out our research to include multiple target-friendly audience segments and analyzed competing properties to determine the powerful pull that history mixed with modern luxury could bring.

Milhaus Milwaukee


The name that Matchbook presented, Vim + Vigor, is an allusion to advertisements run by the brewery dating back to the 1800s that promised “Vim,” or strength, and “Vigor,” or energy, to its customers. The name paid homage to the city’s past, while moving it into the future through exciting new property development. The visual branding development that we provided additionally brought the history of the site into mind, with a modern deco-inspired look that engaged target audiences and won a Platinum Hermes award. Residents would experience a communal branded art project, with bottle caps filling a frame that would connect the community together as well as connect them to the area’s rich brewing history. Moving Milhaus forward with Vim + Vigor, Matchbook has helped get Milwaukee residents excited about their city’s resurging profile as a cultural hub.

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