IMPO: A new web presence for Indianapolis' future.



The Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization (IMPO) has been dedicated to planning and distributing federal funds for roads, trails and other transit infrastructure throughout Central Indiana since 1972. Their efforts in transit research have contributed to the discovery of multiple smart solutions and new innovations in transportation. With more than 35 members, they represent a powerful voice in continuing to expand the transportation footprint of the region. Proud to call Indianapolis home, Matchbook was eager to join forces with the organization and share their mission of access in the community.


When Matchbook began working with IMPO on a two-year web maintenance contract in 2017, our original role was simply to regularly update and maintain the organization's web presence. This was to allow them to continue to communicate with their audiences in an effective and up-to-date manner. Matchbook’s relationship and strategy-centric approach provided solutions that made the process easier for IMPO, and allowed Matchbook to be equally diligent in ensuring their needs were met. This collaboration expanded our partnership into further digital collaboration.

Matchbook continued to keep IMPO’s web presence current through regular updates and personalized attention to their current and anticipated needs. After an initial successful period of web maintenance, our relationship expanded to cover secondary connected websites, including IMPO continued to entrust Matchbook with additional responsibilities in order to maintain a steady, high level of service which we showed that we were able to provide.

As new client needs arise, Matchbook puts our expertise to use in forming strategies to provide solutions that work for each individual client. When we began a dialogue about their then-current invoicing system and technological setup, they felt that it could be more organized and centralized. Our team then began collaborating further with the IMPO team and proposed the process of building a customized web app to handle their invoicing, designed specifically to accommodate their business practices and unique requirements. IMPO agreed, and in-line with their unique requirements the resulting site was built and edited to fit their custom invoicing processes while retaining backwards compatibility with their legacy data. This has given IMPO a powerful tool to streamline their business administration needs, allowing them to put their resources toward their original mission, with less stress and hassle.

With IMPO, Matchbook supports a team focused on supporting our community. By transforming daily inconveniences into large-scale, strategic solutions, Matchbook has helped IMPO build a robust internal and external digital system that afford them more time to live their mission.
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IMPO’s team of passionate problem-solvers are now able to keep their audiences regularly updated to their process as they continue to improve transit across Central Indiana. Since the launch of their projects, we continue to be a source of ease for the organization, and continually provide strategically prudent solutions to help them succeed.

With a new contract, new website builds and more in the works, Matchbook's web expertise is allowing this valuable organization to enact their mission as effectively as possible.

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