Rev Racing: Supporting diverse talent in racing.

Rev Racing, a NASCAR-developed team affiliated with the Drive for Diversity Driver Development and Pit Crew Program, provides elite opportunities for NASCAR’s underserved audiences. The program and team recruit female and minority drivers and pit crew members from all over the world. Through the Drive for Diversity Driver Development and Pit Crew Program, selected drivers and team members have the chance to participate in Rev Racing, a professional team competing in the U.S. Legend Car Series, NASCAR Whelen All-American and NASCAR K&N Pro Series East. Rev Racing oversees six driver teams, as well as youth program members. Upon beginning a partnership with Matchbook, Rev Racing and the Drive for Diversity Driver Development and Pit Crew Program were only looking for a new brand to update their image and increase their attractiveness and relevancy for potential recruits. The initial projects grew into a comprehensive marketing relationship, where Matchbook serves as Rev Racing’s complete public relations, partnership and marketing team.


The positively-oriented focus of Rev Racing and Drive for Diversity immediately spoke to the team at Matchbook as a strongly aligned partner. By serving as a portal of opportunity for underrepresented individuals to enter the sport of racing, we found that we could become involved in an exciting industry while furthering a valuable initiative seeking to move the sport forward and expand opportunities for female and minority drivers and pit crew members.


When Matchbook joined Rev Racing and the Drive for Diversity Driver Development and Pit Crew Program as a partner in 2010, we began a dialogue with them to evaluate their current brand and identify their near-and-long term objectives. After a period of collaborative communication, we determined that the ideal strategy for an updated brand and increased relevance was in the creation of a new professional, yet edgy, image.

After working to complete a dual brand build-out for the Drive for Diversity Driver Development and Pit Crew Program and Rev Racing, we applied a unified vision to their collateral, equipment and marketing materials in a bit to attract new recruits and sponsors. The updated strength of their new brands became immediately apparent, and they soon aimed to further utilize a strategic marketing approach through a continued partnership with Matchbook.

In the years since 2010, our brand involvement has continued to grow and thrive. We manage the brand for Rev Racing and Drive for Diversity, and provide collateral for Rev Racing, Drive for Diversity, NASCAR, and all Rev Racing athletes and affiliates. The scope of this ongoing relationship includes design, social media, event management, public relations support, website design and development, reputation management, and anything that arises, as their trusted marketing partner.

In addition to building and maintaining these brands, Matchbook facilitates all new and current sponsor and partner projects for Rev Racing. This entails continuing to find sponsors for the program and team as well as discovering new avenues for existing partners.

Matchbook’s on-track support has also proved invaluable to the Rev Racing team, providing pre, post and at-event media support, live social media, and event coordination. We provide media training to drivers, set up coverage in cities with races, and organize at-event interviews for the team and its drivers.

Our support for Rev Racing reaches a pinnacle each year with their annual NASCAR Driver for Diversity Driver Development and Pit Crew program combines, the key event for recruiting, testing and selecting the following year’s drivers. Matchbook oversees all planning and operations; connects to local partners in the community; coordinates drivers, sponsors, partners, applicants and parents; and markets the entire event. The event garners media attention from ESPN, Telemundo, GMA, the Today Show, CBS, NBC Sports and more, facilitated by the team at Matchbook.

Our growing relationship aligns us further with the growing goal to bring more diversity to the sport and to arenas where opportunity isn’t always accessible. It is an honor to be involved on this scale, supporting such an important mission with NASCAR.
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As a result of our partnership, Rev Racing and the Drive for Diversity Driver Development and Pit Crew Program have greatly raised their profile and improved their overall brand presence in the media as well as the public consciousness. Incorporating brand standards into all extensions of the brand has led to a far more cohesive experience for those who come into contact with Rev Racing and Drive for Diversity, and the creation and application of marketing programs has made them far more capable to pursue new partner and sponsor relations.

Since the beginning of our relationship we have consistently raised their profile with digital audiences through a 75-95% increase in social engagement year-over-year, as well as a new web presence that has delivered 25% year-over-year traffic increases.

Our efforts have also led to expanded business to business opportunities for corporate partners, with satisfied partners and a 100% retention rate over the last three years. With 75-100 applicants applying to the combine each year, it continues to be a successful program constantly working toward advanced opportunities and diversity within the sport.

We’re glad to have cultivated a thriving relationship with such a successful team and initiative, helping them continue to spread their message and mission through our services.

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